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"“Where do I begin? I have never been on a dating site before, (My Wildlife this was my first time, but finding a fishing partner for a trip to Canada was so easy. I could not have wished for a better trip! Flying into the lodge and landing on the water was an experience itself, but it only gets better because I was with my new girlfriend. We had a wonderful time, the delicious breakfasts, dinners and then watching the sun set over the lake was so romantic. Sitting on the side of the lake with Kathy, nowhere near civilization, eating the best fish I have ever had will be a memory we will never forget! This was one of the most memorable fishing trips that I have ever experienced. Thanks Again!"
— John & Kathy, Illinois

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From The Guidebook

July 31, 2018

Looking for my bestfriend

I live in port charlotte Florida. I am looking. For an amazing person to spend my life with while enjoying life together. I'm not sure how this site works but I'm hoping for the best...