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Wild Bill
January 02, 2016

Fishing in Canada

Looking for Adventure in whatever comes our way. My Wildlife Adventure. com isn't just for singles. It is nice to be able to meet new people that enjoy doing what we like to do. Every year my wife and I pick a new and different place to go for our anniversary. This year is no different, we picked Budd's Gunisao Lake Lodge. This lake is noted for having some of the biggest walleyes in all of Canada. More Master Anglers come off this lake then any other place we have ever fished. I can't wait to hear my wife say "FISH ON"! I can't wait to post new pictures and updates on how the trip went and what new friends we made along the way. Hope to see you there in 2016. Where is your next adventure going to be and who's it going to be with? We did God's Lake Lodge, great place to go and you will catch so many fish in a day that at some point your arms ache so bad you want to stop fishing just to get a break from reeling them in. Bolton Lake Lodge was great fishing also. You will meet some of the nicest people at each and everyone of the location posted here. I could go on and on, but that will be a later post. "FISH ON"!

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Hi how are u doing there?
Wild Bill
Doing good, What adventure are you looking for this summer? Let us all know what gets your heart racing when you are looking for excitement around the world.
how are u doing bill
Nice pic bill
Hello you like beautiful.