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April 29, 2016

I like too met the right person

I am accepting, supportive and encouraging. I'll be quite proud of your accomplishments. I may gently push you to confront any issues, but will not attempt to mold. will love, accept and respect.I believe in strong communication between partners and working to keep the spark alive. The apple of my eye will know how sweet I am.I love innocence, uniqueness, creativity and truth I find a sweet smile to be quite sexy. I don't believe in regret or bitterness. I believe in possibilities and joy. I am sensitive and a bit shy, but once I trust someone, I'll share my innermost feelings and will always be (at least) a good friend. I love children, their innocence, energy, goofiness, amazing things they say, laughs, smiles, and pure honesty. I am looking for someone who appreciates the little things in life, and at times, is amazed by life. please if interested in making this happen write to me here as i don't often check my match. com account so if you leave out where i can write you outside of match definitely i will write to you and we can take it from there.Where is the love ??? Bye for now.

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Wild Bill
What type of adventure are you looking for? Summer is here and the rivers are running fast and wild. Looking for any whitewater fun down the Colorado?
Wild Bill
Let the members know what you are into for fun in the sun!
let chat maybe will can know more about each other.
im looking for adventures of all types love laying out on the beach im looking for the right woman are you interested let me know thanks steve Williamson Pinckneyville Illinois